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J B Fuqua

"Fuqua School should not be a place only for the best and brightest, it should be an opportunity for all those who want to work hard and learn." - J.B. Fuqua
From the time he graduated from nearby Prospect High School in 1935 until August 1993 - when he so generously donated to our school - J.B. Fuqua (pronounced "few-kwa") had a dream. As a young man ready to set out on his own, he had a vision of seeing the world and making an impact on it. As a well-established businessman, he put that dream into action. Mr. Fuqua's understanding of the importance of education, of obtaining the skills necessary to compete in today's rapidly changing world, and of uncompromised excellence are unmatched as was his commitment to the development of personal character. We as a school community are fortunate to reap the benefits of his vision, his many ideas, and his rich experience.

Mr. Fuqua served in many capacities throughout his career including four terms in the Georgia State Legislature - 3 in the House and 1 in the Senate. He also was Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Executive Committee and of the Democratic Party of Georgia from 1962 to 1966. He was Trustee Emeritus at Duke University and a member of the Board of Trustees of Hampden-Sydney College and the Georgia State University Foundation.  Mr. Fuqua's awards and accomplishments were also numerous. In 1979, he was named the Georgia Pioneer in Broadcasting. In 1984, he received the prestigious Horatio Alger Award and in 1987, the Business Statesman Award from the Harvard Business School Club of Metropolitan Atlanta. In 1980, Duke University's School of Business was named in his honor, and in 1993 he received the Philanthropist of the Year Award from the National Association of Fund Raising Executives. He held honorary degrees from at least ten institutions of higher learning.
J.B. Fuqua was a nationally known businessman and philanthropist, who provided the creative vision and personal effort to initiate multiple programs to improve the world in which we live. Most renowned for his support of Duke University, primarily Duke's Fuqua School of Business, he contributed to numerous education institutions, including Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University, both located in Prince Edward County. Among other projects, he endowed the Fuqua Heart Center at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and contributed significantly to the Atlanta Union Mission, a shelter for homeless men.  
In addition to his many good works and accomplishments, he was married to a very special and talented woman, Dorothy Chapman Fuqua.
For more information on J.B. Fuqua, visit The J.B. Fuqua Foundation
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