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Mr. Robert Atkinson '76, Vice-Chairman, of Farmville; Mr. Jennings Custis*, faculty representative; Ms. Joyce Eggleston '76 of Farmville; Mrs. Kristin Gee of Buckingham; Mr. Bob Hamlin of Rice; Mr. Shawn Haney, Treasurer, of Burkeville; Mr. Terry Hudgins, Chairman, of Buckingham; Mr. John Melton*, Head of Fuqua School; Mrs. Sandra F. Moss of Dillwyn; Mr. Shane Newcombe '98 of Randolph; Mrs. Sarah Elam Puckett '81 of Pamplin; Mrs. Tricia Tucker of Keysville; Mrs. Louise Waller of Farmville; Mrs. Lorrie Watson*, PTSA representative; Mrs. Erin Whaley, Secretary, of Cumberland. 
*non-voting members

Welcome New Board Members

Mr. Bob Hamlin of Rice, Mrs. Louise Waller of Farmville, Mrs. Kristin Gee of Buckingham, Ms. Joyce Eggleston '76 of Farmville, Mr. Shane Newcombe '98 of Randolph

Governance, Planning, Decision-making

Fuqua School is governed by the Rural Education Foundation Board of Directors. Charged with overseeing the School's operations, financial well-being, and the development of policies, the Board is comprised of seven to fifteen members.  In addition, the Head of School, PTSA president, and one member of the faculty serve as ex officio members.

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