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Lower School

Fuqua's Lower School is comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through grade five.  Classes in grades K through five are multi-age.  The multi-age philosophy acknowledges that students in a particular grade will be working at a variety of academic and developmental levels.  By being in a multi-age classroom, the classroom environment is supported with a wide range of materials, resources, technology, and learning strategies to focus on the child's "boundless individual potential" as well as collaboration with classmates.  Classes consist of two grade levels, and students typically remain with the same teacher for two years, increasing continuity of learning.  The average class size is 16 students with a full-time teacher assistant in each pre-kindergarten through grade three classroom, providing a 1:8 teacher to student ratio, and a part-time assistant in each classroom for grades four and five.

Art, music, Spanish, library, computers, and physical education classes are provided weekly by specially trained teachers. These classes are scheduled in blocks of time to reduce fragmentation of the instructional days. In addition, students visit the science lab weekly for hands-on experiences under the guidance of a science lab teacher. 

Fuqua's Lower School also offers before and after school care.  Our Falcon Care is open from 7:15 am-8:15 am and is located on the Lower School campus.  Falcon Care reopens from 3:00 pm-5:30 pm.  It is open Monday through Friday (exceptions:  half days, school holidays, and emergency closings.)  Fees do apply.
A parent recently shared, “Fuqua feels so ALIVE! It has been a wonderful year for us, both academically and socially. It means a lot to drive up and have the parents and staff at Fuqua greet my children by name. That creates a safe, caring, nurturing environment which I value in education. Fuqua is a total package and I am grateful to be able to send my children.”
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