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Fuqua's Lower School has a comprehensive curriculum that integrates the Virginia SOLs. Emphasis is placed on hands-on learning, real-life problem solving, and higher level thinking strategies.
 Core Subjects (taught primarily by the regular classroom teacher)Language Arts, Math, Science*, Social Studies 
*The science curriculum is enhanced by a STEAM Lab program facilitated by a STEAM Lab teacher.
Special Area Subjects (taught by a special resource teacher)
 Art (PK-5)
 General Music (PK - Grade 3)
 Library (PK-5)
 Recorders (Grade 4)
 Technology (PK-5)
 Band (Grade 5)
 Physical Education * (PK-5)  Spanish (PK-5)
 STEAM Lab (PK-5)  

*All students have at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily (physical education class or supervised recess).

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