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The program is child-centered and geared to the individual learning needs of each student.
Fuqua School’s pre-kindergarten program is the first step in your child’s educational journey at Fuqua School. Important to this environment is an emotional climate that is loving, nurturing and safe, as well as an educational climate that is stimulating, enriching and challenging. Our goal is to strengthen each child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development to extend beyond their pre-kindergarten years. We are proud of our small class sizes, wonderful classroom spaces, excellent learning resources, and dedicated teachers. Our programs provide students the opportunity to use hands on exploration and stimulating materials to extend curricular concepts at his or her own level. A partnership, which includes close communication between home and school, is maintained to provide the best educational experiences possible for each child.

Our pre-kindergarten classes provide a positive educational beginning for our youngest students and serve as a bridge between our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. Children in our pre-kindergarten program are offered a child-centered environment where they are encouraged to explore and learn through teacher-directed activities, independent play, and self-directed learning. Teachers provide students with the opportunity to learn through being actively involved with materials and experiences that allow them to experiment, explore, and manipulate.  Through center-based lessons, students are able to explore concepts in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science, while developing fine and gross motor skills as well as an appreciation for art and music. Teachers in the pre-kindergarten classroom(s) emphasize social interaction, creativity, cognitive development, and the development of a positive and strong self-concept. Pre-kindergarten is a special place where children receive the instruction they need to make a smooth and successful transition into kindergarten.
Students attending our pre-kindergarten classes must be at least 3 years of age by September 30 of the school year in which they enroll.  Students entering the program must also be potty-trained.

Students in our pre-kindergarten classes will also have the opportunity to attend our programs in STEAM Lab, Spanish, library and technology, physical education, art, and music on a weekly basis.

Fuqua School’s pre-kindergarten programs offer a number of options for parents. Children may attend five days, four days, three days, or two days a week for full days or half days. Using these options, parents frequently enroll their children on a part-time basis and increase the time in the program as their child develops. This helps transition children gradually into a full-time experience.

Fuqua School is fully accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools which is recognized by the Virginia Board of Education. Our pre-kindergarten program is fully licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. All facilities are in full compliance with the laws and regulations relating to food services, health and sanitation, water supply, building codes, and the statewide fire prevention code. The school maintains liability insurance through a licensed broker to adequately ensure the financial well-being of Fuqua School, including pre-kindergarten.
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