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Guidance & Career/College Counselors

Our Guidance services offer a full array of support to Fuqua’s students to include everything from assistance with educational and vocational choices to personal and social development.  Our lower, middle and upper school heads as well as the Head of School work as a team alongside Jennings Custis and Jaime Estes to send students in the right direction depending on their guidance needs. 
Jennings Custis is the career and college counselor at Fuqua School. He offers support to students and families on questions related to academic planning and preparation for college. Mr. Custis carries on a long Fuqua School tradition of working closely with each student beginning in the freshman year to offer guidance on annual course selection, testing preparation for PSAT/SAT/ACT, and all phases of the college search and admissions process. He is passionate about helping students realize their boundless individual potential as it applies to their college goals. His office is in the upper school campus main office and he can be reached at 392-4131 ext. 238 and via email at
Jaime Estes is our on campus guidance counselor available to grades Pre-K through 12.  Mrs. Estes is available to assist with social/emotional and developmental needs.  She also provides a special class in guidance for grades pre-k through 3 weekly and 4/5 every other week.  Mrs. Estes’ office is located at the lower school and referrals can be made to her through the appropriate division head.  She can be reached via email at or by calling 392-4131 ext. 330.  
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