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PTSA Committees

Appreciation Committee: ​The Appreciation Committee (a) recognizes and demonstrates appreciation for Fuqua School teachers, staff, and volunteers, and (b) assists with identified special events.
Athletics Committee: ​The Athletics Committee works with the Fuqua School Athletics Department to (a) identify needs, (b) provide financial support, (c) provide volunteer support, and (d) provide support in the areas of school spirit and pride.
Buildings and Grounds Committee: ​The Buildings and Grounds Committee works with the Fuqua School Operations Department to identify needs and provide volunteer support to maintain and enhance facilities and grounds.
Fundraising Committee: ​The Fundraising Committee (a) plans and facilitates all approved PTSA fundraising activities, with the exception of those activities organized and facilitated by the Athletics Committee for the purpose of supporting those program areas, (b) coordinates the activities of the Fundraising subcommittees, and (c) works directly with the Fuqua School administrative personnel responsible for development and fundraising initiatives.
Assemblies and Special Projects Committee:​ The Special Projects Committee coordinates activities to facilitate or support special projects identified by the PTSA Board of Directors. Such projects may include fundraising initiatives or non­fundraising special event, like all­school assemblies. Chaired by a parent, this committee should consist of a parent from lower, middle, and upper school as well as the deans of the upper and lower schools.
Volunteer Coordination Committee: ​The Volunteer Coordination Committee (a) works directly with classroom teachers, media specialists, administrative personnel, and support staff to identify needs, including financial support, (b) recruits volunteers to respond to identified needs, (c) coordinates volunteers with appropriate PTSA committees and other special events, and (d) provides support for special programs of the School, such as Family and Friends Day.
Concessions Committee: ​The Concessions Committee will coordinate with Athletics, Director of Operations, Volunteer Committee, and Fuqua School volunteers to organize, staff, and run concessions for home football, volleyball, and basketball games and any other events as determined by the Executive Board.
Nominations Committee: ​The Nominations Committee will request and receive nominations and propose a slate to the existing Executive Committee. The committee will consist of the faculty reps, Head of School, ex officio, and one additional PTSA member not seeking election. 
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