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Why Choose Fuqua School?

  • Your child deserves and needs an excellent education. That you are exploring Fuqua School shows your commitment to his or her future. Fuqua students develop deep and lasting friendships. Our graduates are confident and well-rounded as they move forward into their next journey upon graduation.
  • You will join a school community that really cares about children and their success, from academics to character development to emotional well-being … a school community that is truly a family. Our parents are invested!
  • Safety is of paramount importance to us, which is enhanced by the school’s intimate environment. 
  • Our honor code creates an atmosphere of trust and respect.  There is never even a need to lock-up personal belongings.
  • The school’s close, nurturing environment ensures that each student is embraced as an individual with talents, needs, and personal aspirations. We focus on the whole child.
  • Small class sizes provide opportunities for individualized teaching, the development of close teacher-student relationships, hands-on learning, and active student engagement. Our students have access to teachers and administration.
  • Our talented and dedicated faculty are encouraging and accessible, and foster life-long relationships with students.
  • Our curriculum is rigorous and reflects the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, writing, and information literacy. Valuable externships and internships are offered to our students who have special interests.
  • Academics are accelerated whenever appropriate.  Students are encouraged to work beyond traditional academic expectations, beginning in lower school.  At the upper school, a range of advanced placement, honors, and college class offerings allow students to earn college credit while completing their high school education.
  • Technology is integral to success in school and in life.  Fuqua is proud of its advancements in STEAM related programming and innovative classes such as aviation, robotics, AP environmental science, externships and college classes.
  • Experiential learning, from field trips to speakers to special assemblies, deeply enriches the curriculum and provides greater understanding and application of concepts.
  • Personalized college counseling, beginning in middle school, helps ensure that our students are accepted at top colleges and universities. 
  • Community service is a priority and serves as a base for teaching the value of helping others. Volunteer experiences teach students that education goes beyond the wall of the classroom and often requires taking action and initiative.
  • The arts are fundamental at Fuqua, enhancing not only creativity but also academic success. Students have the opportunity to participate in art classes, band, and theatre.  
  • Athletics abound!  With 13 different sports, from football to swimming to lacrosse to cross country, multiple opportunities are available for all students, grades 6-12.
  • Rich extracurricular opportunities provide meaningful experiences beyond the classroom. These activities reinforce the school's curriculum and mission. Small class sizes allow for greater student participation. We offer Battle of the Brains, Debate, Envirothon, Model General Assembly, Model United Nations to name a few. 
  • Our safe, attractive 60-acre campus includes two gyms, a swimming pool, numerous athletic fields, and a nature trail.  We are a Certified Wildlife Habitat™.
  • Our International Program brings students from a variety of countries, adding diversity and a broader world view.
  • Tutoring support is available in every grade, provided by Fuqua School teachers.
  • Financial assistance is available.  We work with families to help make a Fuqua School education a reality for their child.
  • Proven success!
    • Our graduating seniors have been offered collectively between $1 and $10.1 million annually in academic college scholarships (average class size - 37) since 2000.
      • 2018 - 40 graduates $10.1 million
        2017 - 39 graduates $4.2 million
        2016 - 26 graduates $3.3 million
        2015 - 39 graduates $4.2 million
        2014 - 40 graduates $3.9 million
        2013 – 39 graduates $5.2 million
        2012 – 29 graduates $2.2 million
        2011 – 40 graduates $3.6 million
        2010 – 30 graduates $2.2 million
        2009 – 38 graduates $2.3 million
        2008 – 36 graduates $2.9 million
        2007 – 39 graduates $1.7 million
        2006 – 37 graduates $1.7 million
        2005 – 42 graduates $1.7 million
        2004 – 30 graduates $1.6 million
        2003 – 35 graduates $1 million
        2002 – 39 graduates $1.1 million
        2001 – 51 graduates $1.5 million
        2000 – 46 graduates $1.1 million
    • 95%  of our current seniors have been accepted into their first-choice schools.
    • Our students are accepted into a range of prestigious colleges and universities, including among others UVA, William and Mary, the University of Richmond, Washington and Lee, The United States Military Academy West Point, VMI, and VA Tech.
    • The Class of 2017 consists of 39 graduates which includes:
      • 4 Cambridge Chinese exchange students, 1 student from Indonesia, and 1 student from Kyrgyzstan
      • 34 will attend a 4-year college or university
      • 3 plan to attend community college
      • $4+ million in financial awards (includes all monetary awards offered in financial packages from all colleges to    which students were admitted)
      • 9 students plan to participate in NCAA college athletics
      • College acceptances include: Hampden-Sydney College, Randolph Macon College, Liberty University, Full Sail University, James Madison University, Sewanee, Furman, Virginia Tech, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Ferrum College, Longwood University, Butler Community College, Eastern Mennonite University, Piedmont Community College, Southside Virginia Community College, Roanoke College, Central Virginia Community College, Bowling Green State University, University of Alabama, College of William and Mary, Lynchburg College, Radford University, and College of Charleston.
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