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Why Give?

Fuqua School’s vision is to serve as a model of academic excellence for rural America while instilling in students the importance of honesty, respect, and responsibility. As with previous generations, the population from which Fuqua School draws is economically and socially diverse. Parents still work multiple jobs to pay tuition, recognizing that it is an investment for a lifetime. For them, Fuqua School not only provides the opportunity for their children to pursue an academic program which opens the door to top colleges and universities but, perhaps more importantly, equips them with the qualities and skills to pursue their dreams.

Why does Fuqua School need your support?
Tuition pays approximately for 70% the cost of educating our students. In essence, every Fuqua School student’s tuition  is supplemented. By relying on your donations to make up this difference, the school is able to continue to provide quality education while keeping tuition as affordable as possible, allowing the school to continue to serve families from a range of economic backgrounds. 
Fuqua School has an endowment, so why do they need me?
The interest from our endowment is part of our annual operating income. As with most endowments, the principal cannot be used. 

We give a lot to Fuqua School - why do you ask us for more financial giving?
As with most independent schools, Fuqua School cannot operate on tuition income alone. Quite simply, we need your support to continue to provide the high quality of education that Fuqua School offers.
How much am I expected to give to Annual Giving?
Give what you can! We know everyone cannot give at the same level. 
What if I can't give at this time?
You may pledge now and defer payment until later. You may also pay in installments if that is more convenient for you. All pledge payments must be made by the close of the school's fiscal year (August 1 - July 31) in order to help meet our operating expenses.

Who else is asked to give?
Everyone! Board members, current and past parents, alumni, faculty, staff, grandparents, businesses, and friends have all given generously when asked. We strive to increase our participation every year.

What is a matching gift?
Many companies offer their employees the opportunity to double or triple their gift to the school. Please check with your employer about specific requirements for matching gifts.

Will my gift make a difference?
Absolutely! Every tax-deductible gift helps Fuqua School and sends a powerful message that you believe we make a real difference in the lives of our children.
Why don't we just raise tuition?
We want Fuqua School to remain affordable for as many families as possible. 
What is the goal for Annual Giving?
Our goal is to increase annual giving over the next three years to $300,000 in unrestricted gifts a year to offset the School’s increasing operating expenses and to keep tuition as low as possible. Unrestricted gifts are among the most valuable to Fuqua School, because they allow us to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest, as well as to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise

Fuqua School’s vision is to serve as a model of academic excellence for rural America while instilling in our students the importance of honesty, respect, and responsibility.  Thank you for your support so we can continue our mission.
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