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The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats

Back again for their 16th tour, The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats are once again poised to bring your school the ultimate assembly program experience. Each year, The Bureau of Lectures insures that a new troupe of acrobats skilled in all new routines is on tour. This coming year promises some of the most talented acrobats we have ever seen. This means that if your school has had the acrobats perform in the past, even as recently as last year, we will be bringing an entirely new show to your door. As always, the acrobats will combine astounding feats of skill, focus, and athleticism with teaching moments of Chinese culture, language, and history.

Bring Your A-Game to School

The National Guard Sponsored “Bring Your A-Game to School” BMX RAMP SHOW amazed the student and faculty/staff during a September assembly. TEAMS are made up of young, PRO athletes. The “Bring Your A Game to School” assembly showcased the following themes:
    • Wearing protective equipment while being active and SAFE in sports and ‘don’t try this at home’.
    • A segment focused on the Guard’s 7 core values....Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Personal Courage, Honor, Integrity and Loyalty.
    • A segment focused on 1 core ‘A’ of education. Here the team will talk about what it means to bring your 'A Game’. Topics include Anti-Bullying, personal Achievement, maximizing your Ability, staying Active, being Authentic, having the right Attitude and more!
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