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Fuqua Welcomes Bearded Dragon, Kookaburra, Parrot, Kangaroo

Posted On: 5/12/2016 4:06 PM

Australian Assembly Sponsored by PTSA

Fuqua School students (PK3-12) recently enjoyed an Australian animals’ assembly presented by Wildlife Encounters of Gretna, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating the public about our natural world while offering a home for animals in need. The students experienced up close four rescued Australian animals: bearded dragon, kookaburra, parrot, and kangaroo.  The kookaburra is a carnivorous bird unlike the parrot who eats berries and nuts.  The kookaburra is known for its vocals, which sound like a shrieking "laugh" and this call has been used in jungle movies for many years because it sounds like a group of monkeys. Alicia, the presenter, told the students to roll their tongues to make the R sound like in Spanish, and this kookaburra started to sing!  Last but not least was the adorable baby kangaroo.  Alicia shared how each animal had been rescued, “The first three animals came from abusive homes, and the baby kangaroo was rejected by his mother. If this had happened in the wild, the baby would have died.  It happened in a zoo so I will care for the kangaroo until he is ready to go back to the zoo.” Wildlife Encounters has provided a home for animals in need for almost 30 years offering rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and educational programs.  Thank you to the Fuqua School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) for sponsoring this assembly.


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