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Sound Stories

Posted On: 9/27/2016 1:42 PM

Introduced to instruments-kokiriko, shekere, xylophone, ocean drum & more

Fuqua School believes that the arts are fundamental to a child’s development and, therefore, provides the opportunity for students to participate in the arts from the lower school years to graduation. Recently Mrs. Dotson introduced pre-kindergarten students to sound stories. Sound stories are voices of characters, action verbs, or sounds in a story represented by musical instruments. Students were introduced to instruments such as: kokiriko, shekere, xylophone, ocean drum, log drum, wood agogo, cabasa, remo drum heads, circular xylophones. Throughout the story, Fortunately, by Remy Charlip, the children were assigned instruments for a particular word. Examples include: airplane, water, swim, run, or dig. When the children heard “their” word, they played their instrument. Even Mrs. Dotson participated in the sound story by playing the slide whistle. At the end of the story, all students played their instruments together. This was a wonderful way for these young students to be exposed to a wide variety of instruments and sounds, and make connections to literature through music.

Pictured - Fuqua School pre-kindergarten students enjoying sound stories: (front row l-r) Ashley Seiler, Emmerson Martin, Tucker Simmons (back row l-r) Addison Tobias.


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