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Cum Laude Inductees

Posted On: 11/21/2016 12:07 PM

Robert Burns, Brad Davis, Sarah Jane French, Curtis Rogers

Four Fuqua School students, Cum Laude Inductees Robert Burns, Brad Davis, Sarah Jane French, and Curtis Rogers were inducted into the Cum Laude Society at the Upper School Academic Awards recently; each inductee received a Cum Laude pin, certificate, and signed the chapter membership book. These members of the Class of 2017 are the first four inductees for this academic year; the final four will be inducted during a spring ceremony. The Cum Laude Society, an international organization founded in 1906, recognizes the top twenty percent of each senior class based on grade point average and is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools. Fuqua School is one of sixteen schools in Virginia to have membership in the Cum Laude Society.
Fuqua School also recognized student achievement in the Scholars Program, which inducts students in grades 10, 11 and 12 based on their academic record from the previous school year. Qualifying students are recognized as High Academic Honors, Academic Honors, and Honors. During a nine-weeks grading period, students who earn all A’s attain High Academic Honors; students with all A’s and B’s attain Academic Honors; and those with a 3.0 GPA with no grade less than a C- for the grading period attain Honors. In addition, lower school students must receive no more than two “needs improvement” ratings on those Work Habits and Social Skills that are considered in determining Honor Roll eligibility. Middle and upper school students must earn conduct grades no lower than 2. High Academic Honors List: Christian Adams, Paavan Bonagiri, Jamie Carkenord, Brad Davis, Maggie Encarnacion, Sarah Jane French, Max Gebauer, Morgan Lindsay, Candace Pembelton, Ireland Seagle, Ellie Vick, Sallie Vick, Claire Watson. Academic Honors List: Mary Grace Amos, Madelyn Bickford, Robert Burns, Morgan Cole, Mallory Cooper, Frank Denaro, Isaac Drummond, Kevin Dunn, Nicholas Fariss, Billy French, Kayla Gurley, Eli Hall, Katie Haney, Jordyn Harris, Madeline Hite, Andrew Horton, Cody Howard, Jesse Hudgins, Emily Jefferson, Carson Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Savannah Mahan, Alexa Marzloff, Andrew Murphy, Naomi Painter, Hannah Palmore, Alexander Patterson, Jalen Patteson, Curtis Rogers, Philip Sadler, Hannah-Gray Schmidt, Hannah Smith, Jon Spencer, Lauren Stimpson, Nitalia Summa, Brinley Thomas, Tyler Thomas, Jeremiah Thorne, Irene Thornton, Michael Thornton, Charlotte Townsend, Regan Ware, Ethan Watson, Hampton White, Peyton Wiecking, DJ Williams. Honors List: Robert Ball, Nitaliia Berezhnaia, Amber Bruce, Ashley Chipman, Warren Dabney, Michael Davis, Nicholas Davis, Hannah Eason, Jeffrey Fariss, Hunter Gilliam, Virginia Haney, Kevin Hicks, Grace Hodges, Gabe Jenkins, Chaundra Jones, Christopher Kendall, Brittany Malone, Harper Melton, Ed Newman, Adam Rice, Collin Tharpe, Brandon Trombley.
Also honored at the assembly were students being inducted into various Academic Societies. Fuqua School has eight Academic Societies, each designed to recognize academic excellence and strong interest in specific content areas. Interested students who meet the eligibility criteria must apply for membership. English: Paavan Bonagiri, Robert Burns, Jamie Carkenord, Ashley Chipman, Morgan Cole, Jordyn Harris, Morgan Lindsey, Naomi Painter, Hannah Palmore, Hannah Smith, Brinley Thomas, Charlotte Townsend, Ellie Vick, Claire Watson, Ethan Watson. History: Robert Burns, Jamie Carkenord, Ashley Chipman, Brad Davis, Isaac Drummond, Hannah Eason, Jordyn Harris, Morgan Lindsay, Curtis Rogers, Hannah Smith, Michael Thornton, Charlotte Townsend, Sallie Vick, Claire Watson, Ethan Watson. Art: Jamie Carkenord, Isaac Drummond, Hannah Eason, Alexa Marzloff, Sallie Vick, Claire Watson. Math: Jamie Carkenord, Mallory Cooper, Cody Howard, Morgan Lindsay, Alexander Patterson, Hannah Smith, Michael Thornton, Ellie Vick. Science: Paavan Bonagiri, Robert Burns, Jamie Carkenord, Ashley Chipman, Morgan Cole, Eli Hall, Jordyn Harris, Andrew Horton, Cody Howard, Hannah Smith, Brinley Thomas, Claire Watson, Ethan Watson, Hampton White, Peyton Wiecking. Spanish: Robert Burns, Ashley Chipman, Brad Davis, Sarah Jane French, Emmie Jefferson, Carson Johnson, Chaundra Jones, Morgan Lindsay, Alexa Marzloff, Alexander Patterson, Lauren Stimpson, Charlotte Townsend, Claire Watson. Theater: Nataliia Berezhnaia, Ashley Chipman, Hannah Eason, Carson Johnson. Music: Eli Hall, Candace Pembelton, Ireland Seagle, Sydney Stewart. Forensics: Paavan Bonagiri, Max Gebauer, Christopher Kendall, Alexa Marzloff. Applied Industrial Technology: Alexa Marzloff.
Pictured (l-r) at Fuqua Upper School Awards are Head of Upper School Alex Huggard, Senior Robert Burns, Brad Davis, Curtis Rogers. Absent was Sarah Jane French.


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