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An Amazing Storyteller

Posted On: 3/2/2018 10:46 AM

Mr. Dylan Pritchett

Dylan Pritchett, author and storyteller from Williamsburg, Virginia visited the Fuqua Middle and Lower School students on Wednesday, February 21. Pritchett is known for weaving African and African-American culture into his storytelling. His stories have great meaning, where his listeners are given a chance to learn new life skills and valuable life lessons.

Meeting with the Lower School first, Pritchett communicated about cooperation and perseverance. Students were included first-hand by showing off their performance skills, whether acting like a lizard or playing with the instruments introduced by Mr. Pritchett.

Later, Pritchett moved to the Middle School to speak on some other topics including family and appreciation of the places that families originate from, as well as respect for others. He stressed that the students needed to be thankful for everything that they had and to learn about their background and heritage. Pritchett also emphasized that all people are different and everyone’s differences need to be embraced.

Overall, the students had a great time with Mr. Pritchett and learned about valued characteristics in a unique fashion. A huge thank you to Kelly Wright for finding and our Fuqua School PTSA for sponsoring this amazing assembly.


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