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Virginia YMCA 71st Model General Assembly Program

Posted On: 4/19/2018 6:53 PM

Fuqua's Delegation Had a Very Successful Year

On March 22, 2018, thirty Fuqua School students traveled to Richmond, Virginia to participate in The Virginia YMCA’s 71st Model General Assembly Program. The Model General Assembly Program is designed to introduce high school students to the legislative process of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Students take on the roles of Senators, Delegates, or elected officers while freshmen and sophomores participate in the underclassman legislature program. Fuqua's delegation was very successful this year. Over 600 students from forty high schools across the Commonwealth attended the program this year. Fuqua won two of the six elected offices for the 2019 MGA session. Fuqua was the only school to get two elected positions. Isaac Drummond will serve as the House Speaker Pro Tempore and Irene Thornton as the Senate President Pro Tempore. Both of these students had to give speeches along with campaigning to win their respective primary elections and then follow that up with the general election. Out of three proposed bills taken by the Fuqua delegation, Hannah Smith and Claire Watson successfully guided their bill through committee debate, floor debate and were fortunate enough to have their bill signed by the youth governor. Out of more than sixty bills presented to start the conference, the youth governor only passed twenty two. Fuqua School also had two students out of twenty chosen from over 600 participants to represent the Commonwealth at the Conference on National Affairs. They were Max Gebauer and Marya Dunning. The following students served as Delegates this year: Christian Adams, Madelyn Bickford, Paavan Bonagiri, Jamie Carkenord, Isaac Drummond, Kevin Dunn, Maggie Encarnacion, Billy French, Cody Howard, Christian Huggard, Morgan Lindsay, Audra Murphy, Jalen Patteson, Hannah-Gray Schmidt, Tyler Thomas, Jeremiah Thorne, Irene Thornton, Claire Watson, and Ethan Watson. The following students served as Senators: Peyton Wiecking, Hannah Smith, Andrew Horton, and Max Gebauer who also chaired the committee on General Laws. The following students participated in the Underclassman Legislature Program: Roman Davis, Marya Dunning, Hallie Vaughan, Elijah Warner, Sophie Watson, and Katherine White.


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