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Unique Traditions

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On the Sidewalks

Fuqua School’s vision is to serve as a model of academic excellence while instilling in students the importance of honesty, respect, and responsibility. Those values are evidenced daily by the backpacks which line the campus sidewalks just as they did 20+ years ago. It’s a unique tradition that those at Fuqua School take for granted, but visitors immediately notice.

A parent shares, “When we moved to Farmville, we wanted a school for our daughter that offered a strong sense of community and focused on educational excellence.  At Fuqua School we found this plus a safe environment with high expectations for personal accountability. The backpacks on the sidewalk exemplify this.”


Senior Pose Around the Bell Tower


Seniors Paint Their Parking Spots


Moving Up the Hill

6th Grade Plants a Tree
Carrying on the tradition of planting a tree 
to celebrate the sixth grade class that has moved up the hill to middle school. The Class of 2018 was the first to plant a tree!
Class of 2018 River Birch Tree (located next to the upper school gym.)
Class of 2019 Kwanzan Cherry Tree (located one-in from the end in the row of Kwanzans at the upper school)
Class of 2020 Yoshino Cherry Tree (located between the middle school and upper school)
Class of 2021 Weeping Cherry Tree (located between tennis courts and Gee Price)
Class of 2022 White Flower Dogwood Tree (located near middle school pond against woodland)
Class of 2023 Little Gem Magnolia Tree (located on the hill near the middle school)


Senior Drive-In

Welcome the Seniors!

Seniors Jump

The tradition of the seniors jumping in the pool together began with the Class of 2014. 


Mother's Tea with Her Senior

Sharing Memories and Letters to Mom

"Baptize" the 5th Grade

As Part of their Graduation Celebration
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