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Request to Use Fuqua School name and/or Falcon Logo
Vendors must have a copy of the "Request to Use Fuqua Name and/or Logos" form that is signed by Mr. John Melton, Head of School, before creating any items.
SALE/DISTRIBUTION OF ITEMS WITH FUQUA SCHOOL NAME AND/OR LOGOS - Items bearing the Fuqua School name and/or logos may be sold or distributed only by Fuqua School or by outside vendors approved by Fuqua School under conditions agreed upon by both parties.  All designs using the Fuqua School name and/or logo that are created by Fuqua School groups or by outside vendors for use on items for sale or distribution must be approved by the Fuqua School External Affairs Committee. Fuqua School policy approved January, 2011.
All agreements must be approved/signed by Head of School John Melton.
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