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Music PK-5 - Mandy Foster

music During Covid links:

National Association of Music Education Guidelines

Aerosol study with the Vienna Philharmonic 

7/8 Performing Arts Google classroom code: qoprwus

What's Happening iN THE MUSIC ROOM PK-3:

For the foreseeable future, music classes will be held outdoors in the Ruritan shelter unless there is thunder and lightning.  A 6'x6' grid has been laid out in the shelter where each student will have their own space.  We will sing with masks on and move a bit as space allows.  All students will be issued their own instrument kits during their first music class.  This kit will be used for the entirety of the school year and will be returned for cleaning and redistribution if necessary the following year.  Students will need to bring this kit along with their water bottle and appropriate outerwear to class each week.  

I want to assure you that I have followed all research related to music during the Covid-19 pandemic.  I have read every article available and I have looked at research done around the world.  Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Gage (band director), and myself met in mid-July to discuss best practices.  We will be following the guidelines from the National Association for Music Education and hope to provide as normal an experience as possible while also keeping your children and us teachers safe.  This is why we will meet outdoors and why we will wear masks and be distanced when singing.  

It should be noted that children singing in music class is much different than adults singing in a choir.  Children rarely sing with enough projection to their voices to use deep chest air.  When they do, they are typically a professional singer at a young age.  I say this to assure you that the quick songs we will sing with masks on will not be anything like the two hour long choral production of Mozart’s Requiem.  We will sing a quick ditty to train their ears to hear intervals; not to train their voices to become operatic.  In other words, I’m not looking for “proper” vocal technique; I’m looking for understanding of steps, skips, and leaps in tone.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your kids!  I look forward to seeing and making music with them again!

PK/K/1 Google classroom code: oiayisg

2/3 Google classroom code: 7eavikh

4th grade

Welcome Letter

4th grade Google classroom code: u47eu2g

5th Grade

Welcome Letter

5th grade Google classroom code: k2j3ug5

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Inside Mrs. Foster's Class

Mandy Foster

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Bachelor of Music, Longwood University

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Amanda Foster teaches music and performing arts at Fuqua Lower and Middle Schools. She joined the staff in 2017. She graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Music degree.

Mandy and her husband, Jason, Class of 1998 have two sons, Cole, Class of 2024 and Russell, Class of 2027.