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Language Arts 7/8 - Tory Wade




October 10

Fall Break - NO SCHOOL

October 11   

Country Club v. Country Day 

MS/V Volleyball Games v. Amelia Academy starting at 5pm

October 12   

Anything But Your Backpack Day 

Pep Rally & Bonfire starting at 7pm at the Coach Fore Softball Field

October 13   

Favorite Team Day 

MS/JV/V Volleyball Games @ Tidewater Academy starting at 4pm

Cross Country Meet @ Tidewater at 4pm

October 14 - HOMECOMING   

Rock the Red & Black Day 

Middle School Field Trip to the Virginia Children's Book Festival

V Football Game v. Norfolk Christian Academy starting at 7pm
434-392-4131, ext. 305

7th Grade

October 3-7: Blemish, Prod, Writhe, Colossal, Waft

September 26-30: Warily, Fugitive, Torrent, Intrigue, Obscure

September 19-22: Contract, Diligent, Endure, Inexplicable

September 12-16: Petition, Tranquil, Benevolent, Blunt, Embellish

August 29-September 2: Restitution, Intellectual, Valiant, Controversy, Appropriate

August 25-26: Arbitrary, Perilous, Libelous, Negligence

8th Grade

October 3-7: Blemish, Conscious, Unfurl, Erratic, Render

September 26-30: Obscure, Dissipate, Rueful, Writhe, Colossal

September 19-22: Concede, Tarry, Torrent, Intrigue

September 12-16: Embellish, Subordinate, Diligent, Endure, Inexplicable

September 6-9: Petition, Tranquil, Benevolent, Assimilate

August 29-September 2: Restitution, Intellectual, Falter, Controversy, Appropriate

August 25-26: Censorship, Podium, Lectern, Negligence