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Activity Period Happenings:

Our activity period runs every day from 11:30 am to 11:55 am unless we have an altered schedule.  We are using this time to help broaden our students' experience in extracurricula such as clubs, academic societies, teams and to give them more access to teachers for one-on-one help.  This month, the scheduled events (updated) are as follows:

May 13: All classes have meetings

May 14: SCA elections

May 15: Cheerleading meeting

Students are not required to be a part of any club, but this schedule and time will give them an opportunity to meet more often and more meaningfully.  When students are not at an event, they will remain in their second block class and use that time as an individual study hall or tutoring time.


President- Isaac Drummond

Vice President- Christian Huggard

Secretary- Audra Murphy

Treasurer- Roman Davis

US SCA Advisor:  Jennings Custis