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Computer Science - Jamiel Jackson

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Working on CyberSecurity.





Chromebooks need to be charged at home nightly.

Students need to study nightly.


The units that we will cover this semester will vary and will include coding, computer language, binary, networking, and other fundamentals of computers. The textbook that we will use for this course is Computer Science Principles: The Foundational Concepts of Computer Science. In addition, we will also use online resources while learning this material.

Unit 1: Computing Systems. The structures, functions, and interactions between application software, system software, and hardware with exploration into the relationship between hardware and software using the Internet.

Unit 2: Network and the Internet and Cyber Security. Information is broken down into smaller piece, transmitted as “packets” through multiple devices over networks and the Internet, and reassembled once it reaches its destination. Data can be threatened by malware, ransomware, and other computer attacks, using appropriate terminology.

Unit 3: Data and Analysis and Impacts of Computing. Data elements organization and storage. Use computer tools and methods for collaboration on a project to increase connectivity of people in different cultures and career fields.

Unit 4: Algorithms, Programming, and Coding. Develop a program working individually and in teams using text-based language. Identification of expected output of the program and any issues that they may have had along the w

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Jamiel Jackson

Faculty Information

Information Tech Specialist, E-Sports Head Coach

Contact Information

School Phone
434-392-4131   x404


Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, University of Arizona Global Campus 2021

Other Information


Jamiel Jackson teaches Computer Science at Fuqua Upper School. He joined the Fuqua faculty in 2020. He also serves as Head Coach of the E-Sports team, which competes in games such as League of Legends, Super Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Madden 21, FIFA 21, Rocket League, and SMITE. Jamiel received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona Global Campus and is currently enrolled at the University of Arizona Global Campus to obtain his master's degree in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction.

Jamiel has 4 sons, Immanuel (grade 11), Roman (Kindergarten), Jayce (age 2), and Jango (2 months). He is an avid outdoorsman and either hunts or fishes to relax in his down time. Jamiel is an associate member of the Burkeville Volunteer Fire Department.


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