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English 10/12, American Popular Culture, and Intro to Journalism - Diane Stubbins

Contact info for Ms. Stubbins

Email me at my school address, and I can see it on my phone when I am off campus. I will try to respond by the next business day.




Intro to Journalism/Media English:

Two alumni Falcon Flashbacks are past due to GC. We will work on Senior Flashbacks and Freshman profiles together this week. 

Should submit photos for junior and sophomore class profiles in the appropriate place in Google classroom. Hang on the freshman photos for now. 

English 10:

Questions for research topic should already be submitted.

Complete at least 5 entries for your Works Cited Document for hw (Due Wed.).

Quiz Friday will be submission of entire Works Cited document. Follow directions on GC.  

English 12:

Coming of Age unit. You should be taking notes for your parenting essays. Instructions on Google Classroom. 


Seniors may eat off-campus the first Friday of every month. They may leave at 11:15 and must return by 12:15. 

Seniors will decide the lunch menu for US students the third Friday of each month. 

Seniors may wear their class T-shirts with dress code bottoms the first and third Monday of each month.

They may wear class T-shirts and jeans the second and fourth Monday of each month. 

Seniors are dismissed from campus at 3:00 every Friday.


Senior Class Officers 2020-2021

President: Sophie Watson

Vice-president: Liz Hall

Treasurer: Kayla Knott


Student Organization for Developing Attitudes is a group dedicated to promoting positive values and improving the climate on campus.

The meeting schedules for campus clubs will not be released until 2021.

Inside Ms. Stubbins' Class

Diane Stubbins


Diane Stubbins

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Upper School

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B.A. Union College
M.A. University of Florida
M.A. Longwood University

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Diane Stubbins teaches English at Fuqua Upper School. She joined the staff in 2005. Ms. Stubbins graduated from Union College with a B. A. in American Studies and from the University of Florida with an M. United States History. In 2016, she also earned an M. A. in English from Longwood University. She enjoys traveling abroad and has led three educational study-abroad tours with fellow teacher Valerie Thomas.