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CP Biology, AP Biology, Honors Anatomy, Honors Zoology, Outdoor Science, AP Environmental Science - John Boswell

AP Environmental Science

In this class you will explore ecology, natural resources, energy resources, populations, sustainability, forestry, and more.  We will take several local field trips that will enhance our learning experience.  


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Environmental Science syllabus 2019

Envirothon (Resources and Information)

Interested in the forestry, aquatics, soils, wildlife and agriculture and the environment?  Then come check out the Envirothon club.  




Helpful links:

The Envirothon Symbaloo where a click on a tile will take you to loads of information.  This is good to review concepts and sharpen your skills. 

The oral presentation is a big part of the competition.  All the information can be found here.  


ES Reminders





The learning experiences

Luck Stone Quarry

Prince Edward Extension learning garden

Class Slideshow

Inside Mr. Boswell's Class