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Honors English 9 & 10, CP English 11 & 12, Theatre Arts, & Psychology - Chelsea Moss

Classroom A-7


Students will find that preparation and positivity will yield high rewards. The habits listed below are ingredients for a successful semester:

  • You are happy to be here and ready to work.
  • You always have a pen (and other required materials).
  • You read widely and often.
  • You foster the spirit of inquiry and seek answers.
  • You make connections from the classroom to the real world.
  • You reflect thoughtfully, and are not afraid of being wrong.
  • You write widely and often.
  • You revise your writing with a critical and honest eye.
  • You demonstrate originality.
  • You work diligently and are happy to help others.

I want nothing more than for each student in my class to succeed. I am always available via email, if students or parents have any concerns. Furthermore, if a student ever needs one on one time (for any reason), he or she may request an office hours appointment via email.

Value of the Month


Welcome to Honors Psychology!

This semester, we will work together to explore human behavior, behavior interaction and the progressive development of individuals. The content examined in this first introductory course includes major theories and orientations of psychology, psychological methodology, memory and cognition, human growth and development, personality, abnormal behavior, psychological therapies, stress/coping strategies, and mental health.


Welcome to English 9, 10 and 11! 

I am looking forward to working with each of you in class this semester! Rigorous coursework in the areas of reading comprehension and analysis, critical writing, creative writing, thoughtful Socratic discussion, and language skills will all be covered throughout the semester.




Welcome to the Theater! 

This course is designed for the student interested in theatre arts, with an emphasis on performance. Areas covered in depth will include: vocabulary, roles in the theatre, movement, voice and dialect, character development, acting, theatre history, and the reading of
plays. Students will be involved every day in some performance-based activity. There is an emphasis on memorization, working as a group, and classroom attendance/participation. Students will be working on
projects throughout the term in groups/ teams just as they would encounter in the professional theatre world.

Chelsea Moss

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Upper School

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Bachelor of Science, Psychology, James Madison University 2011

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Chelsea Moss teaches English, Psychology and Theatre at Fuqua Upper School. Born and raised in Midlothian, Virginia, Chelsea graduated from James Madison University in 2011. After receiving her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, Chelsea worked in New York City for eight years as a dance and theatre professional and educator. She has studied acting and theatre at the Esper Studio in New York City, writing at the BMI Lehman Engel Workshop in New York City, Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Forum, to name a few. She has taught students of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from elementary school to college students and young adults. She also co-owns Carrington and Crafton Academy of Performing Arts, a performing arts academy in Farmville. She is passionate about writing and creative expression, and encourages each of her students to embrace their own unique, artistic voice. She lives in town with her two rescue pups, Sybil and Pippa.