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Honors Psychology - Mindy Osborn


Upcoming Assignments

Zoom Meetings:

- Check email prior to class for notes outline (this is not comprehensive – you will need to take additional notes).

- On occasion I will give a pop quiz.

- As always, I expect the work you do to be yours without any assistance from classmates. It is your responsibility to act with integrity regarding class assignments, quizzes and tests.

- Zoom links will NOT be posted on class page. They will be sent in email.



Response Essay:

- Read OR listen to a podcast, article, or TED Talk that relates to Psychology or self-improvement. If you are having a hard time finding something – REACH OUT TO ME ASAP. Psychology in 10 Minutes and The Kindness Podcast are two examples to get you started on your search. Again, reach out if you have questions about choosing something.

- Write a short essay in response giving a summary and your opinion of the piece.

- In addition to the essay, please include a link to the article, podcast or TED talk and whether you would recommend to others.

- Turn both essays (Tuesday and Thursday) in via email on Thursday of each week.


**Please remember that any updates or changes to this will be communicated through email. I am available for phone, email or Zoom conferences almost anytime during normal school hours.


Mindy Osborn

Faculty Information

Faculty, Guidance

Contact Information

School Phone
434-392-4131   x276


B. A. Longwood University, Psychology
Masters Longwood University, College and Community Counseling

Other Information


Mindy Osborn, Upper School Counselor and Honors Psychology teacher, received a B.A. in Psychology from Longwood University and a Masters in College and Community Counseling also from Longwood University. Mindy joined the staff in February of 2020. She and her husband Nash have two children Hayes and Kemper.