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Yearbook and Theater


Welcome to yearbook!  This course helps produce the Peregrine, the Fuqua School yearbook.  Being a part of yearbook at Fuqua School is a special opportunity that allows students to gain experience in the following areas:  photography, computer design, publishing techniques, money management, advertising, sales/distribution, lay-out design, teamwork, leadership skills, copy writing, and editing.   

Yearbook students are the official historians of Fuqua School.  Students are tasked with producing a creative publication that will record our school’s community and events.  Yearbook is a student run business and is different than any other class offered in high school.   

Yearbook Forms

Yearbook Important Dates

September 1-October 31

Yearbooks on Sale for $50

September 25

Picture Retakes for Pre-K-12

Senior Casual Pictures Due

October 16

Senior Activity Forms Due

Senior Tribute Forms and Money Due

November 1-End of May 2021

Yearbooks on sale for $65

November 2

Endsheet and Cover Designs Due

November 13th:

Senior Tribute Pictures & Content Due

November 16th:

First Deadline of 40 Pages Due

December 16th:

UV Coating Pages Due 

January 18th:

Second Deadline of 40 Pages Due

February 22th:

Third Deadline of 40 Pages Due

March 22rd:

Last Deadline of 24 Pages Due


Welcome to theater!  Theater is a half-year elective that serves as an introduction and overview of the fundamentals of play production and stage terminology.  Areas covered in depth include: vocabulary, roles in the theatre, pantomime, movement, acting (scene work and one act plays), theater evaluation, theater history (from ancient Greek to the present), the reading of plays, and theater design and tech. Students will be involved every day in some performance-based activity, such as exercises, games, improvisations, movements, vocal work, and monologue/scene work.  

Theater Resources

Classroom Documents

Theater Syllabus

Theater Reminders

  • Vocabulary 3 Quiz-Friday, September 4th
  • Storytelling Project/Presentation Due Wednesday, September 9th 
  • Make sure you have completed all assignments in Google Classroom

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