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Middle School (6-8)


Middle School is comprised of grades six through grade eight. Our academic program is delivered through instructional teams in order to monitor both learning and social/emotional well-being as well as to allow for flexible scheduling. Each team teaches cooperatively to expand concepts across the curriculum, and meets daily to plan and assess student progress. In addition to the core subjects of language arts, social studies, math, and science, students are offered courses in technology, STEAM Lab, Spanish, physical education, health, study skills, writing and math labs, band, and art. The average teacher to student ratio is 1:14.Fuqua Middle School students and staff meet weekly for an advisory program. This is a time for students to complete challenges together, learn about the Fuqua School Values and how they apply to their everyday lives, spend one-on-one time with a faculty member regarding goals and grades, and collaborate on community-service projects.

Fuqua's Middle School also offers supervision before and after school. Students may stay in the Gee Price building from 7:15 am until  8:15 am. After school, the library is open to all students, Monday-Thursday, until 5:00 pm. Fees do not apply.



 Grade 6  Grade 7    Grade 8
English & Literature     English & Literature  English & Literature
Mathematics 6 Mathematics 7 or Pre-Algebra  Pre-Algebra or Algebra I*
Life Science 6  Life Science 7  Earth Science
U.S. History 1 U.S. History 2  Civics and Economics
Phys. Ed/Health Phys. Ed/Health  Phys. Ed/Health
Technology Technology  Technology
Band  Band or Art  Band or Art
Spanish  Spanish                                            STEAM Lab
 Art  STEAM Lab                                      Math/Writing Labs
 STEAM Lab  Math/Writing Labs


*Algebra I note: In order for middle school students to take Algebra I, they must demonstrate independence in learning during Pre-Algebra and must score sufficiently on a standardized Algebra Readiness Assessment. Students who do not meet both of these prerequisites will be required to retake Pre-Algebra or non-credit Algebra I.


Students in grades 4-12 may earn Honor Roll each quarter. Honor Roll consists of three categories: High Academic Honors, Academic Honors, and Honors. During a grading period, students who earn all A’s attain High Academic Honors; students with all A’s and B’s attain Academic Honors; and those with a 3.0 GPA with no grade less than a C- for the grading period attain Honors.  To be named to the Honor Roll for the semester, students must meet the same criteria outlined above for the two grading periods which comprise the semester. To be named for the year, students must meet the criteria for both semesters (Upper School) or all four grading periods (Lower and Middle School).