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Summer Reading & Math


Many students fall victim to the summer slide during the summer months. The consequences of this academic slide can last with students and hinder their academic success. However, with Fuqua School's Summer Math program, students are able to consistently review and retain important math skills to best prepare for the upcoming school year, improve his/her confidence their math abilities, fill in the gaps of concepts not mastered during the school year and strengthen existing math skills. 

Falcon Independent Reading Program (FIRP)

Fuqua School believes that reading is vital to the learning process, that young people grow intellectually by reading good books, and that reading must be promoted throughout the curriculum. The Summer Reading Program is designed to support these beliefs and to provide a means through which students are intellectually engaged on a year-round basis. In addition, our program is designed to encourage students to learn to read for enjoyment, a habit that will benefit them greatly in life.