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Upper School (9-12)

The Upper School is comprised of grades nine through twelve and operates on a semester block schedule during which students complete traditional year courses in one semester by taking only four classes at a time rather than seven. This scheduling system increases time on task and reduces fragmentation of the instructional day. Class periods last approximately 85 minutes, providing instructional flexibility. In addition to a wide range of courses on campus, including advanced placement and honors options, students are able to take courses at Southside Virginia Community College, Hampden-Sydney College, and Longwood University. Class sizes range from four to twenty-two, with the average size being sixteen. After school, the library is open to all students, Monday-Thursday, until 5:00 pm at no additional charge.



Grade 9  Grade 10
 English 9  English 10
 Algebra I or Geometry   Geometry or Algebra II
 Physical Science  Biology
 World Studies 9  World Studies 10
 Foreign Language  Foreign Language
 Fitness**  Health/Driver's Ed.
 Fine Arts or Elective  Fine Arts or Elective


 Grade 11  Grade 12
English 11  English 12 or AP English 12*
Algebra II or Honors Pre-Calculus

 Honors Pre-Calculus,* Honors Calculus I,*

 AP Calculus AB, or Math Elective

U. S. History or AP U.S. History*  U.S. Government or AP U.S. Government

Chemistry or Honors Chemistry*

 Physics or Environmental Science (AP)

Foreign Language  Foreign Language or Elective
Fine Arts or Elective  Communications


 AP Environmental Science
 Environmental Science
 Honors Anatomy
 Honors Physics
 Honors English Seminar* (grades 11 and 12 only)
 World Religions
 Economics/Personal Finance
 College Mathematics
 Latin 1-3
 Spanish 1-4
 Honors Psychology (grades 11 and 12 only)
  Aviation I and II
 Creative Writing and Film
 Internships and Externships

For more information regarding courses and electives, please visit our Parent-Student Handbook.


Students have the option of pursuing one of three diplomas: a general high school diploma, a college prep diploma, or an advanced studies diploma. A seal on the diploma reflects which option was earned, and transcripts will indicate which program of study was followed.


 Required Subjects Advanced Studies* College Prep**   General
 English 4 4 4
 Math 4 3 3***
 Science 4 3 3
Social Studies  4 4 4
Foreign Language  3 2 0
 Fitness 1 1 1
 Health/Driver Ed. 1 1 1
Arts  1 1 1
Communications  1 1 1
 Electives  8/9 10 10
 Total  32  30  28


*Students pursuing an advanced studies diploma must include at least 6 advanced classes (AP, Honors, College) in their course selection during the four high school years. These classes must include at least 3 AP classes or college courses.

  **Students pursuing a college prep diploma must include Algebra II and chemistry in their course selection.

***Economics/Personal Finance may count as a math credit for the general diploma.

  Community Service required for graduation: 40 hours 


In an effort to encourage responsible citizenship, Fuqua School students in grades 9-12 are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service as a requirement for graduation. Students are required to complete a minimum of 10 off campus hours per year earned through a 501 (3) C non-profit organization and 5 hours from volunteering at Fuqua School. Community service hours for the current year must be documented and turned in by April 1, 2022.  

Participation in community service provides opportunities for students to become involved in the needs and concerns of others and acquaints them with organizations that work to meet those needs. For more information regarding our community service requirements, please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook.


Through the Extended Campus Program, upper school students have the option of taking college courses off campus (beginning in grade 9), taking on-line courses, and/or working part-time during their senior year. Students wishing to pursue these options must have permission from both their parents and the Upper School head. For more information about our Extended Campus Program, please visit the Parent-Student Handbook.


Students in grades 4-12 may earn Honor Roll each quarter. Honor Roll consists of three categories: High Academic Honors, Academic Honors, and Honors. During a grading period, students who earn all A’s attain High Academic Honors; students with all A’s and B’s attain Academic Honors; and those with a 3.0 GPA with no grade less than a C- for the grading period attain Honors.  To be named to the Honor Roll for the semester, students must meet the same criteria outlined above for the two grading periods which comprise the semester. To be named for the year, students must meet the criteria for both semesters (Upper School) or all four grading periods (Lower and Middle School).