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Affording Fuqua School

Fuqua School recognizes that the decision to enroll your child is an investment in your child’s future. We work closely with each family to make a Fuqua School education a reality for your child, with financial assistance packages tailored to each family’s unique financial situation. Several of these methods are outlined here. We look forward to partnering with your family.

Need-Based Assistance

Fuqua School offers need-based financial assistance for qualified students. In an effort to be fair and equitable in the granting of these funds, all interested applicants must complete a Student Aid Form which can be obtained through FACTS. This form, along with the most recent copy of your tax return and a small fee, is submitted directly to FACTS.

The analysis provided by FACTS helps guide the School’s Financial Assistance Committee in evaluating need, although it is not the sole determining factor. Fuqua School does not discriminate in the administration of financial assistance. Since requests may exceed funds available, it is important to apply early. All financial aid applications are confidential.

Renewable scholarships up to $6,500 are available for qualifying PK through1st grade students and students and students transferring from public schools. These scholarships are provided by a network of foundations.

Fuqua School, under its governing body, the Rural Education Foundation is part of a network of three education foundations, including the Fishburne-Hudgins Educational Foundation and the North Cross School Foundation, that offer state approved Education Improvement Scholarships through the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit Program. This network offers qualified students partial scholarships to Fishburne Military Academy, Fuqua School, and North Cross School, three Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) accredited college preparatory schools serving rural Southside, Southwest, and Western Virginia. The broad geography of this scholarship foundation network encompasses some of the most socio-economically challenged regions of Virginia. The intent of this collaboration is to channel scholarships to students in the most underserved areas of the state, thus making an independent school college preparatory education more accessible to the most at-risk young people in Virginia.


Click here for an informative video. 

At prospective parents and donors can find a list of scholarship foundations with descriptions and contact information.

Contact the Director of Admissions for more information!

Multi-child Discounts

Fuqua School offers tuition discounts for families with 2 or more children enrolled. If one of the children is enrolled in our program, the child must attend 5 full days in order for the family to receive the multi-child discount.

Second Child $ 560

Third Child $1,000

Fourth Child $1,500


2019-2020 Tuition & Payment Options

All tuition and fees will be invoiced and paid using FACTS online billing.

Prekindergarten (PK3 & PK4)  

   Half Day  Full Day
 M–F $4,225  $5,975
 M-Th $3,600  $5,050
 MWF  $2,835  $4,430
 TTh  $2,475  $3,600

Parents may opt to change the number of days their child(ren) attends at any point in the academic year provided space is available.  

Lower School (Grades K-5)  $8,570  
Middle School (Grades 6-8)  $9,560  
Upper School (Grades 9-12)  $9,650  

User Fees

Transportation Fee

 Level I  $480  (25 miles or less from campus)
 Level II  $630  (more than 25 miles from campus)

Required annual fee for all students who use Fuqua School transportation to and/or from school on a regular basis regardless of the number of days used during the school year. This does not apply to field trips or to other school sponsored trips. For families with more than 2 children, a maximum of $1,000 will be charged.
Occasionally circumstances warrant the use of bus transportation by a child who does not otherwise ride on a regular basis. Fuqua School will accommodate this service free of charge up to 20 days per year per student.


Athletic Fee $100

Required fee for students who participate in team sports.
In cases where a student participates in 3 or more sports, a fee will only be charged for the first 2 sports in which he/she participates (2- sport cap). Fees will be collected through FACTS online billing once the team roster is complete. Parents will be billed the second week of practice. Fee is non-refundable after the first two weeks of practice.


Behind the Wheel Fee $445

Required fee for all students enrolled in the driving portion of the Driver’s Education course. Due upon completion of course.


FalconCare - Extended Daycare
      Morning Session $5     
      Afternoon Session $5 per hour on an hourly basis  
           (prices are per child per day)
       Late Charge $15
          (each 15 minute interval after 5:30 P.M.) 


Falcon Care consists of a morning session from 7:15 - 8:15 A.M. and an afternoon session from 3:00 - 5:30 P.M., Monday through Friday for children ages 3-12.

New Student Fees

Application/Assessment Fee $ 30
Required of all new students making application. Includes testing fee.
Registration Fee $ 350
Required deposit to hold space for your child once acceptance is offered. This deposit is deducted from tuition for re-enrolling students if received by March 22 and for all newly enrolled students.