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Scholarship Opportunities

Fuqua School recognizes that the decision to enroll your child is an investment in your child’s future. We work closely with each family to make a Fuqua School education a reality for your child.  In addition to our Flexible Tuition program, we offer scholarship opportunities and can accept tuition payment through your Virginia 529 College Savings Plan.  Please review the information on this page to learn more. We look forward to partnering with your family to ensure that Fuqua School is a reality. 

Tax Credit scholarship program

Renewable scholarships up to $6,500 are available for qualifying PK through 1st grade students and students transferring from public schools. These scholarships are provided by a network of foundations.

Fuqua School, under its governing body, the Rural Education Foundation is part of a network of three education foundations, including the Fishburne-Hudgins Educational Foundation and the North Cross School Foundation, that offer state approved Education Improvement Scholarships through the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit Program. This network offers qualified students partial scholarships to Fishburne Military Academy, Fuqua School, and North Cross School, three Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) accredited college preparatory schools serving rural Southside, Southwest, and Western Virginia. The broad geography of this scholarship foundation network encompasses some of the most socio-economically challenged regions of Virginia. The intent of this collaboration is to channel scholarships to students in the most underserved areas of the state, thus making an independent school college preparatory education more accessible to the most at-risk young people in Virginia.


Click here for an informative video. 

At prospective parents and donors can find a list of scholarship foundations with descriptions and contact information.

Contact the Director of Admissions for more information!

Scholarship for future student success

In an effort to create a more inclusive and culturally diverse school community and to engage more actively in reconciliation efforts in our community, Fuqua School has developed a scholarship fund for African American students from Prince Edward County.  These scholarships, made possible by support from the Jessie Ball Dupont Fund, Fuqua School and private donors, will be awarded annually based on funds available at the time of admission.  All African American students from Prince Edward County admitted to Fuqua School will be eligible for this scholarship.  For additional information please contact Christy Murphy, Director of Admissions & Advancement.  

While we are very excited about the opportunities afforded by these scholarships, we know that it is not enough.  We know that we must continue to engage in meaningful, collaborative discussions with our community about what more we can do to move towards a more inclusive future. This is a first step in creating a much larger comprehensive restorative justice initiative whose aim is to bring meaningful reconciliation to our community and in creating a more diverse and inclusive school community here at Fuqua. 

Virginia 529 Savings plan

Can you pay your Fuqua School tuition with a Virginia 529 Savings Plan? Recent changes to the Internal Revenue Code as part of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act may allow you to pay a portion of your tuition using money from a Viriginia 529 Savings Plan.  For more specific details, please contact your financial advisor. 

Merit based scholarships

Numerous merit based scholarships are available for current Fuqua School students.  Scholarships range from $250 to $1,000 annually. A listing of potential scholarships can be found on page 38 of the Student-Parent Handbook