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Athletic Hall of Fame

Prince Edward Academy/Fuqua School Athletic Hall of Fame 2022


The has been an exciting tradition at our school since 2000, inducting more than 80 former athletes, as well as several special people who have given generously of their time and talents to support our athletics program. It is with great pleasure that I announce the 2022 Prince Edward Academy/Fuqua School Athletic Hall of Fame will honor Coach Lewis “Skeeter” Fore and Walter “Bozo” Addleman as they are inducted and Coach Robert “Bob Hazelwood as he is inducted posthumously.

In Gilmer Gym a framed photo of three legends of the fall can be found, Coach Bob Hazelwood, Coach Walter “Bozo” Addleman, and Coach Lewis “Skeeter” Fore are recognized for their great leadership and dedication and for being most deserving of the love and respect that comes with being called “Coach”.  The recognition goes on to mention the dynastic run these three gentlemen had as our football coaches from 1968-1992, with an overall winning percentage of .725, 8 conference championships, and an overall record of 148 wins, 56 losses, and 2 ties. And yet, it is not the wins and losses, the conference championships, or the overall winning percentage that makes these men so special to us all.

In coaching our defense throughout those decades, Coach Hazelwood was teaching so much more than how to tackle properly and penetrate the line. He was teaching perseverance. In calling plays for our offense, Coach Addleman was teaching so much more than strategy and balanced attacks. He was teaching responsibility. In serving as our Head Coach, Coach Fore was teaching so much more than to put “we” before “me” and to win with class. He was teaching respect; all core values that remain at the heart of a Fuqua School education and can be seen in our students today.

The Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony will be held March 5, 2022, starting at 5:00 p.m. in the Lower School Commons.  For more information  contact Tammy @ 434-392-4131 ext 231


Established in 1999, the Athletic Hall of Fame honors those who have made lasting contributions by their outstanding achievement in athletics or service to the athletics program. The Hall of Fame inducts not only former athletes, but also coaches, administrators, and others who have contributed to our rich athletic history. In addition, “Special Citations” are awarded to recognize individuals making similar contributions in supportive roles.

To be eligible for selection, the candidate's most recent contribution in high school athletics must have occurred five or more years prior to his/her induction. Consideration is given to All-State, All-Conference, MVP, and other similar awards, as well as team captaincy, how the individual compared to other athletes during their time, and leadership.  

If you would like to nominate someone for our Athletic Hall of Fame, please return this Hall of Fame Nomination Form to Tammy Frank, Offcie of Alumni Affairs. 


Hall of Fame Inductees


Robert E. Farmer III, ’66                   

Christie Gates Bondurant, ’67

Thomas O. Bondurant, Jr., ’67

David Harper, ’69

S. Donald Sequin, ’71

Merle Lou Evan Stables, ’74

Mariana A. Johnson, ’81

Al Smith, Special Citation

Coach Robert C. Gilmer, Special Citation


U. Carter Carson, ’67

A. Jackson Chandler, ’68

Jessica A. Pleasants Fraser, ’95

Dixie Watts Reaves, ’82

Robert A. Smith, Jr., ’76

Kirk A. Word, ’83


Sharon M. Arrington, ’78

William Louis Bridgforth, Jr., ’66

Hugh Carlton (Ted) Cunningham III, ’77

Charlotte Davis Cyrus, ’80

J. Stokeley Fulton, Jr., ’80

Robert T. Stanley, ’78

Brett Von Cannon Watson, ’86

Coach Billy A. Franklin, Special Citation

Coach Robert M. Hazelwood, Special Citation


Glenn W. Card, ’72

Mark Cave, ’74

Richard P. Epperson II, ’75

Bruce W. Morgan, ’77

Clark M. Robinson, ’71

Carolyn “Tip” Tipton, ’89

Coach Jacqueline Fore Southall, Special Citation


Amber E. Barton Schwalm, ’98

Sheldon “Shelly” Paul Butler, ’84

George Randolph “Randy” Noblin, ’72

Mark Fore Puckett, ’78

Gregory Alan Watson, ’81

Coach Stokeley Fulton, Special Citation


Alex Holmes, ’60

Jeffrey L. Irving, ’92

Peggy Jenkins, ’87

Donnie Kayton, ’71

Dana Hill Osborn, ’84

J. William Watson, Jr., ’73

Richard Wallace, Special Citation


Cynthia Denise Emert, ’82

James Marvin Helms, ’70

Jeffrey Scott Henshaw, ’92

Craig Wayne Howard, ’98

William Henderson Johnson, ’68

Norman Hubert “Trey” Taylor III, ’97

Jim McGall, Special Citation


Otey Burhman “Charlie” Blair, Jr., ’68

William Henry Carwile, Jr., ’68

Alton Bruce Fowlkes, ’91

Jonathan Shawn LeSueur, ’96

Natalie Arlene Layden, ’01

Harry Frank Davis ’66, Special Citation

Athletic Service Award: Walter “Bozo” Addleman

Frances Cartwright Moore


Hassan Brahim Bradford Campbell, ’97

David Aaron Dudley, ’77

James Ronald “Jim” Ennis, ’68

Robert Lee Hines, ’81

Cynthia Jo “C.J.” McQueen, ’02

Marlo Magdalene Powell, ’02


William Fuqua “Willie” Elam, ‘88

Kyle Evans Murphy, ‘96

Robert Baltzer “Bobby” Schmidt, Jr., ‘61

Tara Blakeley Wooding Senger, ‘01

Preston Grant Williams, ‘00


Michael Howard “Mike” Clabo, ’68

Angela Love “Angie” Watts Hall, ’91

James Richard LeSueur, ’88

Dane Christian Williams, ’03

Raymond “D.” Ranson, Special Citation


Raymond Overton Anderson, ’80

Mike Andrews, ’63

Angelina Collie, ’95

Mark Lafoon, ’79

Taylor Montgomery Mason, ’85


Dan Phillips, ‘69

Cindy Farmer, ‘76

John Adams, ‘86

Denise “Deedle” Murphy Bachman, ‘94


Jim Suanders, ‘72

William Carrington (WC) Sprouse , ‘72

Scott Andrews, ‘83

Cristy Wilson Larkin, ‘92

Autumn Barton Harbor, ‘95

Jon Martin, ‘97


Kenneth B. Batts ‘ 76

George Moore ‘80

Dalton Kuhar ‘10


Coach Beth Fore