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Fuqua School is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS ) and the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).  It is also a member of the National Association of Independent School (NAIS).  But what does accreditation really mean?

Accreditation assures parents and the community that a school emphasizes excellence in student achievement, provides a safe and enriching learning environment, and maintains an efficient and effective operation. An accredited school adheres to highest standards in all areas based on the latest research and successful professional practices.

The accreditation process is rigorous and focuses school personnel on continual school improvement, on conscientiously moving the school toward its vision rather than simply “responding” to the events that all schools encounter. It encourages and supports long-range planning. Parents should keep in mind that some colleges and universities give preference to applicants who have graduated from an accredited school. Schools also consider the quality of accrediting agencies.

In 1999, Fuqua School became fully accredited by Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS), the most rigorous accrediting body in the state of Virginia. Since 1973, VAIS has served as the Commonwealth’s first resource for independent pre-collegiate education, promoting educational, ethical, and professional excellence in its member schools. VAIS accreditation is recognized by the Virginia Board of Education through the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE). National recognition is provided through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Accreditation is about making the goal of excellence a habit, about being the best a school can be for the students, families and communities it serves. "Accreditation makes a difference".