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National Poetry Month Celebrated

In celebration of National Poetry Month, students in English 10 wrote catalog poems in the style of famed American poet Raymond Carver. Students shared their feelings and memories about subjects like their favorite baseball mitt, their pets, and places that they cherished. The poems are currently on display in the windows of Ms. Stubbins’ room in the A-Building at the Upper School.  

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Medieval Feasting

On April 9, students in Plagues, Witchcraft and War: Late Medieval to Early Modern Europe, hosted a medieval feast day. Each student researched and made a medieval or medieval-inspired food for the feast, or provided medieval-inspired entertainment in the form of music, stories, and games. The results were impressive, ranging from fruit cobblers to cabbage dishes to turkey legs the size of dinner plates. The entertainment was spot-on as well: some modern music on medieval instruments and a History Channel series about jousting, following the exploits of a modern-day jousting group.

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Oregon Trail Simulation

After completing their unit on Westward Expansion, students in the sixth grade began a simulation of the Oregon Trail in class. Each class was broken up into Wagon Company groups, where they selected a traditional role for themselves based on professions from 1849. In their Wagon Companies, students had to prepare for their journey to Oregon by choosing a wagon, livestock team, and any other supplies needed to take on their journey while also staying within budget.

While completing the simulation students calculated how many days they traveled based on the miles covered and the speed of their chosen livestock team, as well as how much food they ate each day of the journey. Students also had to make group and individual decisions based on real-life scenarios that determined the course of their journey and whether they would survive the perilous Wild West. After each day’s scenario, students reflected on the events of the day by writing a journal entry.

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Learning About Cooperation In Advisory

Middle school students are spending the month of April putting Fuqua School’s monthly core value- cooperation- into action. Using a rubber band and string, small groups were tasked with building a tower without touching the cups. To do this required a lot of communication and cooperation from teammates. The students did an amazing job of working together and learned a great lesson on the importance of cooperation leading to group success.

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Learning Yoga

Recently, World Religions students completed a study on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.  Yogic practices are common to these religions, so as a culminating activity, students in World Religions had the opportunity to participate in a yoga class, led by licensed instructor Angela Smith. Yoga, which originated in ancient India, is a group of mental, spiritual, and physical practices.  During the yoga session, which was done via Zoom, the students were introduced to various yoga asanas (poses) including Half Moon, Warrior, Child, Dancer, Downward Dog, Bound Angle, and Cobra.  The yoga session ended with 'shavasana'.

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Class of 2028

Fuqua School is known for its many traditions that have held strong over the years.  One such tradition is the 5th graders receiving their very first class shirt as they prepare to move onto middle school.  This month, our 5th graders were excited to receive their very first Fuqua School class shirts. Congratulations to the Class of 2028. We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do in middle school and beyond.

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Adopt a Senior Program Underway

The Class of 2021 has had a hard time not being able to have their normal events and traditions due to COVID-19. To lift their spirits, Fuqua School decided to implement an Adopt a Fuqua Senior program. This program invited Fuqua faculty, current families, community members, retired teachers, board members and alumni to adopt a senior and purchase small treats, twice a month, to remind our seniors how special they are to us and our school. Candy, gift cards, sentimental items, and inspirational quotes were purchased to celebrate our special seniors. A huge thank you to all that participated! If you could have only been there to see their faces as they unpacked gift bags and opened envelopes stuffed with a gift card just for them, you would know how much these smallest of gestures made their day. It’s just one way we can help make this unusual senior year a little brighter. We’re so proud of you Class of 2021! 

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