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AP Government Class Experiences Williamsburg

To conclude the year, the AP Government class visited Colonial Williamsburg on Monday, May 16th. The trip focused on seeing how the court system worked in the 18th century.  They were able to visit the court house, jail, and the high court which met in the capital.  Students were also able to see where the House of Burgesses met and how the colonial legislature worked.  They were able to identify aspects of the colonial legislature that the Founding Fathers used when drafting our Constitution and Congressional System.  Students were also able to visit the Governor’s Palace, as well as see the homes of Peyton Randolph, the president of the 1st Continental Congress, and George Wythe, a professor of law at the College of William and Mary who taught future presidents, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Henry Clay who is perhaps the greatest congressman of all time, and John Marshall, who is considered the greatest judge ever to sit on the Supreme Court.  For many of the students, this was their first time visiting Colonial Williamsburg and they were quite surprised to learn that so many of the buildings were original to the time period.