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Class Competition Day a High School Tradition

Class competition is an annual event that allows each class in the high school a day to show off their talents.  This year’s event offered a much needed break from the month’s busy schedule prior to the start of exams.  Students in grades 9-12 participated in a hodgepodge of events that showed off the academic skills as well as their athletic talents.  However some competitions just came down to common sense and a little luck.  Some of the highlights of the day included a relay event, human letters, a competition in which five students form the letter called out by the speaker using the gym floor, tug of war, volleyball, kick ball, a hotly contested jeopardy match, banana Olympics, and Fuqua Avengers, which was a competition where teams of four competed against other grades by solving clues and riddles to obtain the object requested. The day concluded with students receiving their copy of the 2022 yearbook.  The Senior Class finished in first place with 1590 points on the day.  The Juniors came in second with 1105 points, the Freshmen finished third with 615 points and the Sophomores in fourth with 575 points.   The class sponsors enjoyed the chariot race and carpool karaoke the best!