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Dogs of the Lower/Middle School

Every morning at the lower and middle schools, parents that drop their children off are greeted by our loyal faculty and staff (who are out there regardless of rain, sleet or snow). And, while the kids are always the highlight to their mornings as they jump out of their cars, ready to tackle the day, there are a few others that consistently bring joy to the faculty and staff each morning- the pups of the LS/MS. So, let us introduce you to Walter Vincent, Lillie Harris and Eddy Aldrich.  

Walter is a labradoodle. He is 1.5 years old and has a muppet face. Like a cat, Walter loves to greet people by rubbing against them, circling and trying to walk between your legs despite being quite tall. He is a big curly haired cuddle dog and loves saying hello to all the kids from his truck window in the morning.

Lillie is a rescue dog,  and, according to genetic testing, she's part beagle, treeing walker coonhound, American foxhound, rat terrier, poodle, American Eskimo dog, cocker spaniel and the rest is made up by Super Mutt! Lillie's favorite thing to do is ride with the girls to school in the morning so she can see all of their friends.

Eddy Bear Aldrich is a labradoodle, with a chocolate lab mama and a mini golden-colored poodle dad. He loves his siblings and his Fuqua Family. He dutifully waits by the door before the Aldrich family leaves the house to come to carpool so he can jump in the car and go. Other than the one time he escaped and ran all over campus and wouldn’t come back until Mrs. Tucker came outside to help, he generally is well behaved and stays in the car!


We love ALL of our Fuqua family- including Walter, Lillie and Eddy who always make our mornings better!