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Spy Day


The children in Mrs. Rutherford’s kindergarten classroom got to experience quite the activity in May- Spy Day. Students came to school dressed in black. Upon their arrival, they received secret agent id badges, dark glasses, a spy book and chose their secret agent/spy name. Next, they had 3 areas of training to become true spies: fingerprinting, decoding and observation. They learned about fingerprints and fingerprinting .  They took their own fingerprints and took notes on the shape and ridge number.  They moved on to the observation table and took notes on various items on the table while viewing them through magnifying glasses.  Next, they solved a riddle and decoded a secret password to find out where to go and the password needed for their next clue. This took them around the middle school, specials teachers‘ classrooms, and administrative offices.  The final clue took them to an ice cream treat followed by a picnic lunch.  

Following lunch, the spies went to the nature trail with their spy books and binoculars to see how quiet they could be while they observed nature and found clues about whether “fairy”  houses located on the trail are truly fairy houses or possibly even leprechaun homes. 

The day ended in a congratulations on becoming true spies and the award of a spy pen.