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Origin of the Fuqua School Name



From the time he graduated from nearby Prospect High School in 1935 until August 1993 - when he so generously donated to our school - J.B. Fuqua (pronounced "few-kwa") had a dream. As a young man ready to set out on his own, he had a vision of seeing the world and making an impact on it. As a well-established businessman, he put that dream into action. Mr. Fuqua's understanding of the importance of education, of obtaining the skills necessary to compete in today's rapidly changing world, and of uncompromised excellence are unmatched as was his commitment to the development of personal character. We as a school community are fortunate to reap the benefits of his vision, his many ideas, and his rich experience.
For more information on J.B. Fuqua, visit The J.B. Fuqua Foundation.