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COVID19 Updates

Message from Returning to Campus Safely Committee

Fuqua Family,

This past week, the Fuqua School Returning to Campus Safely Committee met with medical professionals with the Virginia Department of Health to develop a better understanding of the new guidance regarding quarantine and isolation from the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

As a result, the Fuqua School Returning to Campus Safely Committee has decided to continue the policy of maintaining 10 days of isolation at home for those with COVID-19 infections while reducing the quarantine period for those who come into close contact with someone with COVID-19 from 14 days to 10 days regardless of vaccination status and eliminating the need for a negative test result to be able to return to campus if asymptomatic, per the recommendation of the CDC and the VDH.

The exception to this would be family members who are considered close contacts of a household member with COVID-19 and are not able to isolate separately. In this situation, the Fuqua School Returning to Campus Safely Committee, in accordance with guidance provided by the VDH for K-12 schools, recommends that the close contact would need to quarantine at home until the household member is no longer considered contagious (day 10) and then begin a 5-day quarantine period with a negative test result needed to be able to return to campus.

To support these safety measures and more, the Fuqua School Returning to Campus Safely Committee also recommended the reinstituting of deep cleaning campus facilities twice weekly by a professional service, the adjusting of our Middle and Upper School lunch schedules and the continued adherence to mask-wearing on campus, division-wide.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the cooperation of our students, our staff, our faculty, and our families. We ask that you continue to keep your student(s) home when they are not feeling well. We ask that you continue to keep us well-informed of any cases that might develop. We ask that you continue to partner with us and to help us protect one another.

As always, we appreciate your patience, your understanding, and your support as we continue our ongoing efforts to confront and eventually overcome this virus together as a family.


Fuqua School Returning to Campus Safely Committee

2021 - 2022 Planning Committee Mission Statement

We are committed to providing  a continued program of instructional excellence during COViD-19. To do so, we will continue to institute a multi-layered mitigation approach to protect the health and wellbeing of our students and staff.  Even in the midst of change, we remain dedicated to ensuring that each student continues to reach their boundless individual potential.


For more information on our 2021-2022 COVID19 plan, please visit our Returning Safely to Campus parent guide here.