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Welcome to Fuqua School

Founded in 1993, Fuqua School is an independent, co-educational, PK3-12 day school – centrally located to serve Southside Virginia – that provides children with a well-rounded, values-based educational experience uniquely tailored to create a solid foundation for their individual success.

The best way to experience Fuqua School is to come for a visit! The warmth and friendliness of our community is evident from the moment you set foot on campus.

Our Mission & Core Values

The mission of Fuqua School is to create a safe and supportive learning environment which fosters the development of boundless individual potential. 

At Fuqua School, we believe a values-based educational experience truly matters. It is a difference maker. Honesty, responsibility, kindness, compassion, fairness, respect, commitment, perseverance, and cooperation are woven into the classroom and campus activities. Each month activities focus on one of these core values. These fundamental core values guide our decisions and actions.

We Are Fuqua!

School News

Adventures In US Science

The honors zoology class went to various locations on campus to collect water samples in the search for single-celled life. After adding spring water to their samples, they  let them sit overnight in hopes that the living organisms would settle out for collection. The students spent time in class searching for amoebas, paramecium, and the legendary tardigrade. The class made excellent headway with microscopy techniques, while broadening their knowledge of single-celled life.  
This semester, zoology has a few new additions. They are attempting to hatch out some duck eggs that were donated by the Tharpe family. The students have taken a lot of care making sure the temperature and humidity are just right for their development. They monitor their development weekly, as to not disturb them too much. The babies are due at the end of September. 
The environmental science class learned about propagating plants. In class, they learned pruning techniques and how plant hormones can influence root production. Figs, mulberries and serviceberries were the plants of choice, but they hope to try again later with different species. They made cuttings from different stages of stem growth, as well as using different concentrations of rooting hormone to see what effects it has on successful root production. If all goes according to plan, these new trees will be planted around campus and on the nature trail for both human and wildlife consumption.  

Air Filters Donated to Classrooms

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, sixteen Breathe Smart Alen air filters were recently installed in classrooms across campus .  These air filters  aid in filtering out fine particles in the air to help clean the air and lessen any potential negative effects.  "The teachers were surprised to walk into their classrooms to find the Breathe Smart Flex Units," commented Dara Tucker, Head of Lower  and Middle Schools.  "These units are amazing as they provide yet another extra level of safety to keep our students and faculty healthy during this time.  We cannot thank the anonymous donors enough for this wonderful gift."  

US Art Students Study Modern Art

As a first time teacher at Fuqua, Ms. Audrey Sullivan believes she hit the lottery jackpot when it comes to students! The class is currently  studying the Modern Art Timeline which covers artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Monet, Warhol and more. Each art student is reproducing an iconic painting from one of the masters and learning a bit of history along the way. She couldn't be more proud of the work they are producing!   Showcased is Grace McMichael's version of  Theophile Alexandre Steinlen  painting, Black and Calico Cats.

Donations Received From Holy Cross School

Last year, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond announced the closure of Holy Cross Regional Catholic School in Lynchburg following the 2019-2020 school year.  While attending a final reunion at her alma matter, Fuqua School parent, Crista Morris, had the opportunity to explore her old classrooms and visit with her former administrators. As she walked the halls for a final time, she asked one administrator what they were going to do with all that was inside the building. When told they didn’t have plans for it, Crista asked if Fuqua School could possibly come and take a look. A week later, with the help of Fuqua alumni Antonio Gonzales ‘15, Hunter Gibson ‘20, Cody Orange ‘20, and Jimmy Frank ‘89 along with Fuqua administrators and Fuqua parent, Justin Hicks, Fuqua School walked away from their Holy Cross visit with three trailers full of new technology, student and teacher furniture, brand new sets of textbooks, library books and so much more. While we are saddened by the closure of Holy Cross, we are forever grateful for their generosity in donating these items to benefit our Fuqua students and faculty. 

DARE Essay Contest Winner Announced

Each year, students are tasked with writing an essay about the DARE program before their graduation. All essays are then reviewed and judged by various members of the Prince Edward County Police Department before they ultimately select a winner. A big congratulations  to this year's winner, Malaika Ahmed, whose beautifully written essay shared the tools and techniques she will use in real-life situations. In addition to the graduation certificates, medals, t-shirts, and fun DARE swag all graduates received, Malaika additionally received a DARE Essay Winner pin as well as a giant stuffed lion named "Daren". 

DARE Graduation Held

Fuqua's newest DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduates participated both in-person and virtually in their graduation celebration on Friday, September 4. These current 6th grade students completed the program in the spring of 2020, but were unable to have their celebration due to COVID-19 precautions. Graduates of the DARE program leave with the tools and techniques to be able to confidently say no to drugs and alcohol, and are equipped with the skills needed to make smart choices throughout their early teenage years and beyond. The DARE program is a partnership between the Town of Farmville Police Department and Fuqua School and is taught by Officer Timothy Holtz and Amy Rostan, LS/MS School Counselor. Please join us in congratulating all our newest DARE graduates!

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