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Welcome to Fuqua School

Founded in 1993, Fuqua School is an independent, co-educational, PK3-12 day school – centrally located to serve Southside Virginia – that provides children with a well-rounded, values-based educational experience uniquely tailored to create a solid foundation for their individual success.

The best way to experience Fuqua School is to come for a visit! The warmth and friendliness of our community is evident from the moment you set foot on campus.

Our Mission & Core Values

The mission of Fuqua School is to create a safe and supportive learning environment which fosters the development of boundless individual potential. 

At Fuqua School, we believe a values-based educational experience truly matters. It is a difference maker. Honesty, responsibility, kindness, compassion, fairness, respect, commitment, perseverance, and cooperation are woven into the classroom and campus activities. Each month activities focus on one of these core values. These fundamental core values guide our decisions and actions.

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School News

AP Government Class Experiences Williamsburg

To conclude the year, the AP Government class visited Colonial Williamsburg on Monday, May 16th. The trip focused on seeing how the court system worked in the 18th century.  They were able to visit the court house, jail, and the high court which met in the capital.  Students were also able to see where the House of Burgesses met and how the colonial legislature worked.  They were able to identify aspects of the colonial legislature that the Founding Fathers used when drafting our Constitution and Congressional System.  Students were also able to visit the Governor’s Palace, as well as see the homes of Peyton Randolph, the president of the 1st Continental Congress, and George Wythe, a professor of law at the College of William and Mary who taught future presidents, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Henry Clay who is perhaps the greatest congressman of all time, and John Marshall, who is considered the greatest judge ever to sit on the Supreme Court.  For many of the students, this was their first time visiting Colonial Williamsburg and they were quite surprised to learn that so many of the buildings were original to the time period. 

Class Competition Day a High School Tradition

Class competition is an annual event that allows each class in the high school a day to show off their talents.  This year’s event offered a much needed break from the month’s busy schedule prior to the start of exams.  Students in grades 9-12 participated in a hodgepodge of events that showed off the academic skills as well as their athletic talents.  However some competitions just came down to common sense and a little luck.  Some of the highlights of the day included a relay event, human letters, a competition in which five students form the letter called out by the speaker using the gym floor, tug of war, volleyball, kick ball, a hotly contested jeopardy match, banana Olympics, and Fuqua Avengers, which was a competition where teams of four competed against other grades by solving clues and riddles to obtain the object requested. The day concluded with students receiving their copy of the 2022 yearbook.  The Senior Class finished in first place with 1590 points on the day.  The Juniors came in second with 1105 points, the Freshmen finished third with 615 points and the Sophomores in fourth with 575 points.   The class sponsors enjoyed the chariot race and carpool karaoke the best!

Dogs of the Lower/Middle School

Every morning at the lower and middle schools, parents that drop their children off are greeted by our loyal faculty and staff (who are out there regardless of rain, sleet or snow). And, while the kids are always the highlight to their mornings as they jump out of their cars, ready to tackle the day, there are a few others that consistently bring joy to the faculty and staff each morning- the pups of the LS/MS. So, let us introduce you to Walter Vincent, Lillie Harris and Eddy Aldrich.  

Walter is a labradoodle. He is 1.5 years old and has a muppet face. Like a cat, Walter loves to greet people by rubbing against them, circling and trying to walk between your legs despite being quite tall. He is a big curly haired cuddle dog and loves saying hello to all the kids from his truck window in the morning.

Lillie is a rescue dog,  and, according to genetic testing, she's part beagle, treeing walker coonhound, American foxhound, rat terrier, poodle, American Eskimo dog, cocker spaniel and the rest is made up by Super Mutt! Lillie's favorite thing to do is ride with the girls to school in the morning so she can see all of their friends.

Eddy Bear Aldrich is a labradoodle, with a chocolate lab mama and a mini golden-colored poodle dad. He loves his siblings and his Fuqua Family. He dutifully waits by the door before the Aldrich family leaves the house to come to carpool so he can jump in the car and go. Other than the one time he escaped and ran all over campus and wouldn’t come back until Mrs. Tucker came outside to help, he generally is well behaved and stays in the car!


We love ALL of our Fuqua family- including Walter, Lillie and Eddy who always make our mornings better! 

Civil Rights Walking Tour

On Monday, May 16th, students in the fourth and seventh grades completed the Farmville Civil Rights Walking tour after visiting the Moton Museum the week before. Students in the seventh grade were assigned a stop on the tour, completed research on their stop and presented it to the group. This tour as a whole, allowed all the students to experience different places that they may see on a regular basis in a new light. More information on the Farmville Civil Rights Walking tour can be accessed by visiting the Farmville Visitors center or at this link:

Petting Zoo Party

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Martin’s and Mrs. Rutherford’s classrooms ended the year with a first for Fuqua School- a petting zoo!  Flat Creek Farm Petting Zoo came to campus where students encountered goats, sheep, alpacas, chicks, bunnies, a donkey, and a pony.  They were able to pet and feed all the animals.  Then the kids decorated t-shirts for field day,  chose an animal headband to wear, and had their face painted to match. What a fun way to celebrate an amazing school year!

Spy Day

The children in Mrs. Rutherford’s kindergarten classroom got to experience quite the activity in May- Spy Day. Students came to school dressed in black. Upon their arrival, they received secret agent id badges, dark glasses, a spy book and chose their secret agent/spy name. Next, they had 3 areas of training to become true spies: fingerprinting, decoding and observation. They learned about fingerprints and fingerprinting .  They took their own fingerprints and took notes on the shape and ridge number.  They moved on to the observation table and took notes on various items on the table while viewing them through magnifying glasses.  Next, they solved a riddle and decoded a secret password to find out where to go and the password needed for their next clue. This took them around the middle school, specials teachers‘ classrooms, and administrative offices.  The final clue took them to an ice cream treat followed by a picnic lunch.  

Following lunch, the spies went to the nature trail with their spy books and binoculars to see how quiet they could be while they observed nature and found clues about whether “fairy”  houses located on the trail are truly fairy houses or possibly even leprechaun homes. 

The day ended in a congratulations on becoming true spies and the award of a spy pen.  

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