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Welcome to Fuqua School

Founded in 1993, Fuqua School is an independent, co-educational, PK3-12 day school – centrally located to serve Southside Virginia – that provides children with a well-rounded, values-based educational experience uniquely tailored to create a solid foundation for their individual success.

The best way to experience Fuqua School is to come for a visit! The warmth and friendliness of our community is evident from the moment you set foot on campus.

Our Mission & Core Values

The mission of Fuqua School is to create a safe and supportive learning environment which fosters the development of boundless individual potential. 

At Fuqua School, we believe a values-based educational experience truly matters. It is a difference maker. Honesty, responsibility, kindness, compassion, fairness, respect, commitment, perseverance, and cooperation are woven into the classroom and campus activities. Each month activities focus on one of these core values. These fundamental core values guide our decisions and actions.

We Are Fuqua!

School News

AP English Class Attends Longwood Theater Production

Students from Ms. Stubbins’ AP English Literature class visited Longwood University last month to see the Shakespearean play The Tempest. The production, performed in the Main Stage Theatre, featured a cast comprised of Longwood students and was directed by Bruce Speas. Afterwards, the actors spoke with the audience about the challenges and rewards of presenting such a classic work. The AP class had previously read two other plays by Shakespeare, so the students were familiar with some of the Elizabethan language and theatrical conventions found in the drama. Then the group enjoyed lunch in the new Upchurch University Center before heading back to campus.

Coding Part of MS Elective Wheel

This year, the 7th and 8th graders are able to participate in the Art Elective Wheel.  Each quarter, the students are introduced to new classes designed to explore the arts in more depth.  Last quarter, students in the coding class enjoyed numerous projects leading up to the final project of creating their own app. Students used html to write the app using their interests to guide their designs.  Basketball, hunting, fishing, and Pokemon were among the apps designed.  

Latin for lunch?

The newest lunch spot for Upper School Latin students is in the company of their teacher, Zachary Berry. Mr. Berry is currently teaching Latin II at the US and has developed a following among his bright, young scholars. You can find them gathered in his classroom or on the lawn in front of it just before 3rd period answering the trivia questions their teacher poses. A classics scholar, Mr. Berry believes that learning Latin is an excellent method for sharpening the mind, and he supports his students’ intellectual growth with both light-hearted fun before class and more serious readings and translations during 3rd period.

Middle Schoolers Learn about Social Media

On Monday, October 29, middle school students attended a presentation from Judge Kimberly White, a current judge and former Commonwealth's Attorney for Halifax County. Judge White spoke to students about the appropriate ways to use social media. Judge White shared real-life stories of teenagers who have made poor choices on social media and the repercussions that followed. She also shared important tips for staying safe including recognizing a scam, not speaking with individuals you do not know, staying away from online predators, protecting your privacy and monitoring the pictures you post. As one middle school student shared "This has happened to me when I was playing an online game. Someone asked me for $1,000." Another student shared, "Someone got a hold of my personal email and started sending inappropriate emails from my email address." The students were very engaged in the conversation and we hope they learned many valuable take-away lessons!

K/1 Students Search for the Great Pumpkin

The K/1 classes recently visited Parrish Pumpkin Patch located near Kenbridge, VA. Students rotated through a variety of seasonal learning activities including a Pumpkin School Imax Theater inside a silo, a corn maze, corn box, shelling corn, a corn bin, and several fun barnyard activities such as sling shot apple throw, duck races with a real hand water pump, and a variety of slides and swings. Students had a picnic lunch and chose a pumpkin before heading back to school.

Fifth Graders Visit Claytor Nature Center

The 5th grade traveled to Claytor Nature Center in Bedford, VA in October. There, they learned how to identify skulls of animals as herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. They walked through different ecosystems and learned about different habitats within these ecosystems. Students identified skulls that were found along the trail and talked about why different animals are found in different ecosystems. They also discussed what happens when plants and animals hibernate for the winter. The students had a great time and loved this learning outside of the classroom experience.

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